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 Updated 7/25/2020



Covid 19 Safety

I'm really glad your here. It's been awhile since updating the website. I'm excited to tell you ALL of the treasures on this website are immediately available for sale.

In doing inventory this month I have put aside a bundle of items to sell together. Check this News Letter in August for more information.

For health reasons I have remained in my home since March 8, 2020. I greet friends and family outside on the back deck. Everyone wears mask and practices social distancing. Safety First!


Holiday Ideas

Requesting Photos of YOU with your Treasures

Every year there is a "Hot Ticket" item for Christmas. Thousands of them appear in groups on Face Book. One year it was monkey hats. Another year it was Princess Elsa hats, hair and all. I am looking forward to seeing what the ladies of all the fantastic groups I belong to choose this year.

I would love it if you would send me a photo of you with your PPP Purchase. It really brings me joy. With your permissions I will add your photo to the Happy Customers Page. Check it out! Please send your photos to My PHOTO Submission 

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