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Paula Reynolds

Like most women I know that crochet, their grandmothers taught them how to. I was taught when I was around ten years old. Grandma, Margaret Tidemann, was a skilled crafter. She donated much of her crafts to the Sioux Indian Reservation. In the winter time she would load up essentials she collected through the year and head to the Reservation. Hats, scarves, mittens and gloves for everyone. Appliances etc too.

Sewing class at Washington High School, as a teenager had me involved in projects.

In raising my two children & marriage of 18 years it got away from me. I did make a multi-blue king size afghan for the bed in 1984 and I still have it. I also made my children blankets.

It wasn't until ten years into my second marriage that I took it up again as a hobby. Starting with Hobo Bags. They caught the attention of friends and they asked me to make them. I made around 100 of them.

I was off and running crocheting Christmas presents, Shower gifts. I made a HUGE U.S. Flag for a raffle. A veteran that needed financial assistance for medical fees. We collected $2,000 a very satisfying and humbling moment.

All items on this website are hand made by me. They are all one-of-a-kind. See more information on Contact Page on how to get an item that is no longer available, being made in multiples or your own special order.

I am 60 now. The children are grown, three grandchildren later, a wonderful husband of 20 years and this is what I do, along with web design, my career and current occupation. CreateMyWebUSA.com

I hope you enjoy what you see and if there is anything you want me to make for you please don't hesitate to contact me and will see what we can do.

Thank YOU!

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